Yves Rocher calendar day 15 till 24.

So this will be my last article about the Yves Rocher advent calendar. It’s almost christmas! And wanted you show the last part on 24 december. Like this whole month did not go the way i planned. But here it is.

So day 15 comes with a little shine shampoo. Based on marigold oil. What smells good. Not a shampoo to use every day because it will make it too dry. You can’t buy this in the store in this size. For a full size you pay € 6.90 for 300ml.

This is a dark red nail polish. Very classic and very good color for winter. What is always a big plus for me with nail polish is the coverage with one coat. And this one has that. Brush is nice as well. For €5.90 per bottle.

This is a product i already have used a full size from. It’s a light jelly scrub with the scent of abricot. In the store you have two scrubs based  on abricot. One for the face and this one for the body. Will be €9.90 for 150ml.

This is also a product i used before. The almond part of it is light. The orange blossom you smell the most. Very warm and flowery scented. In the store it comes in two sizes. A 200ml (€2.50) or 400ml(€3.95) There are better scented shower gels in the range but it is still a good choice.

Another nail polish with gold glitter this time. same price as the other one. This is more a glitter top coat. If you want full coverage on your nails it will take minimum of four coats.

This is another shampoo that they have in the range. It is made for dry hair. I don’t have dry hair but i do always use hair care for dry/damaged hair. For the simple reason it’s less stripping on the hair. And i don’t use conditioner. The main ingredient is oats. Personally not my favorite scent. But it’s very light. The price is the same as the shine shampoo above.

One of my favorite scented shower gel of the les plaisirs nature range is the vanilla one. So happy that i got one in the box. Prices are of course the same as day 18.

One very classic perfume that is already available for more than 10 years. With ingredients like: lily of the valley, rose, violet, patchouli, musk and oakmoss. It classifies as a chypre perfume. You can wear this perfume easily as a everyday perfume. For 50ml you pay €37.50

As there was a gold nail polish inside the box. A gold eyeshadow was no surprise. Pretty good coverage for a glittery one. For a nice christmas look i should put this one all over the moving eyelid and a black eyeliner. And finishing it of with mascara. For €13.90 per eyeshadow it’s yours.

As a finishing touche a classic red lip is always good. This one of day 24 will probably suit 99% of all woman. You can’t see it very clear on the photo but on the slanted part of the tip they embossed the logo. This looks very luxurious. With the cherry oil inside it will not make your lips dry. For a price of €15.90.

Hope you have a nice christmas tomorrow!

The prices in this article are without any discounts. And did purchase the calendar myself, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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