Yves Rocher advent calendar day 10 till 14

Day 10 till 14 this time. Because i had a little time the past few days. My surgery was last monday. This made my head more thinking about that. There was no room in my head for blogging. Sorry for that.

Day 10 is a nail polish base. This one makes the nail stronger. Looks a bit purple in the bottle bus is clear on the nail. Has a nice shine to it on the nail. Cost € 10.90 if you buy it loose.

A advent calendar is specially made for christmas. So a classic red nail polish is very welcome. This one has a natural shine to it. The nail polishes only cost €5.90 per bottle. So for the price you don’t need to leave it. This is a tint of red that fits every skin tone.

A couple of years ago when i first came in contact with the brand Yves Rocher, they had a line based on oats. I loved that line. Now they discontinued that one 4 years ago. And came with a whole new line based on oats. But this one is completely different. The old one was soft in scent and nourishing even the dryest skin. Now the newest version is less nourishing and more scented. This is in my opinion not a good development. So i don’t recommend buying it.

This line came last year with a new combination of scents. The combo mandarin with cedarwood is a nice choice. Fruity but still woody. And a scent woman and men can use. And for a price starting €2.50 for 200 ml is cheap. Also the line les plaisirs nature is ph neutral.

If you follow me for a while, you know that i love this eye cleanser. And will definitely recommend you to try it. For € 6.90 for 100ml is a good price.

Starting from tomorrow i will post like usual as much as i can., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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