Why you should try boxing.

I have been boxing now for a few months. And love it! I never thought that i would like it. To be honest i was scared to go. My brother did it already and took me with him. So had so many questions about what to wear and what i could expect. Like always he was short in his answers and just said: ‘It’s gonna be fine, Wear sports clothing, and take with you water, latex gloves and a towel’. Very helpful, not. But ok, I thought just do it. Afterwards i had a big smile on my face. So because i love it and look forward every week. i will suggest you try it as well.

Good for the body.

To get in shape it is the perfect workout. You use every muscle in your body even those you didn’t knew you had. And within 5 minutes you will be soaked of sweat. There are basically two kind of training that i had. One on one (sparring) and on the punching bag. Till now i like training on the punching bag more. For the simple reason it’s easier. I am not that skilled at it. And when you go against a person, you need to react to their movements as well. A punching bag doesn’t hit back.

Beats stress.

Ever felt so much stress, you couldn’t get calm in any way? one lesson and it’s all gone. You can only box’s with a clear head. If you think to much of other things. Your technique will not work. So when you try it. Focus on the lesson only.

Good for your social skills.

At my gym, there are always different people taking the lesson. Of course everybody has a different level of skill. A good trainer matches this. So every time you come, this match can be someone else. This is when you come alone. I always train with different people. I like that. This makes that i learn new techniques every time.

So just go to your local gym and try it!, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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