Why you first use conditioner than shampoo works better.



Yes, almost every one that is reading this, washes there hair with shampoo and then apply conditioner. This is something i did for year as well. i was learned that from my mom, and she from her mom. And a few weeks ago i messed it up. Did conditioner first. And noticed two different results. both very positive.

My hair was easier too style. hair conditioner can make your hair heavier, this makes a good hairdryer have less effect. when you end with shampoo, is the hair more bouncy. this is especially with layered or hair with a natural wave.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor mooi haar

My hair is getting not so oily as fast. many woman remove there make up with cleansing milk first, then apply lotion/toner. that is the same idea with the condition before shampoo methode. you remove the hair oils with conditioner and nourish the hair as well. leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 3 minutes. Then rinse it out with shampoo.

Keep in mind that my hair has a little wave in it and cut in layers. The thickness is really full. If my hairdresser doesn’t make it thinner it won’t air dry at all. So try this methode yourself and make up your own mind.

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