Why Japanese people have fewer wrinkles.

According to the World Health Organization, Japan has the highest percentage of centenarians in the world. Residents of Japan also have few wrinkles. What is the secret?

The greatest strength is interwoven in the overall lifestyle and philosophy of the country. In Japan, sufficient exercise, meditation, beauty from within, unprocessed food and traditional use of powerful beauty foods are central.

Japanese women are very focused on beauty from the inside out of their culture, because the face is seen as a reflection of the inner state and of the organs. In addition, you show respect to your company within Japanese culture by ensuring a well-groomed appearance. Japan has a long tradition of beauty secrets and beauty care that has been interwoven into the culture to this day.

In addition to these good habits, Japanese cuisine uses foods that have a positive effect on the skin. Almost every Japanese woman uses collagen and drinks green tea. This tea inhibits the breakdown of collagen. Another Japanese (and Chinese) beauty secret is pearl powder. It is traditionally used in the east for better, smoother and younger skin. Japanese also often choose dishes with seaweed as an ingredient, which is also good for their skin.

Green tea has several good qualities. It deactivates the inflammatory transcription factor: NF-kB and is associated with a reduced risk of stroke. It has now more than proven its effectiveness in the field of weight loss and fat burning. Green tea inhibits the degradation of elastin and white tea reduces the degradation of collagen and elastin. This is one of the reasons that they are often found in personal care products. By drinking it, the skin becomes less sensitive to UV radiation, it reduces the production of sebum and contributes positively to the intestinal microbiome. Green tea is antibacterial.

Pearl powder has traditionally been used by Japanese and Chinese ladies of state for beauty inside and out. Research has shown that pearl powder does indeed have special properties that benefit the body and in particular the skin. Pearl is rich in minerals including zinc, magnesium, silicon and easily absorbable calcium. These are minerals that are important for bone building, but also for the skin, especially silicon is needed for collagen building. Pearl also contains all essential amino acids. Test animals that get pearl powder added to their diet live longer.

 Seaweed is very rich in minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll and omega 3 fatty acids. In Japan, it is part of the daily diet. Seaweed extracts are used in cosmetic products because of the cleansing and stimulating effect on the skin. By eating seaweed we clean from the inside out and the high nutritional value contributes to beautiful skin, strong nails, and strong hair. All these eating habits have a positive influence on the life and appearance of Japanese people.

Okinawa the blue zone.

Okinawa is an exceptional province in Japan. This is where most centenarians in the world live. This area is also described as a Blue Zone: an area where people in good health grow old. In addition to the healthy diet and the amount of exercise that people take in Japan, there is a great commitment to solidarity, especially in Okinawa. In those places in the world where people are very closely connected, life expectancy is also higher.

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