Why I don’t use a lot off samples.


There is a reason that I don’t like the free samples that I get thru magazines ect. Almost every one has ingredients that I don’t want too use. So today I got a sample of the L’Oréal elvive extraordinary oil hair mask. So naturally I checked the ingredient list. This is what I found:


There are multiple alcohol inside: Cetearyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol and cetyl esthers. Some of these are made of alcohol. The CI 15985, Yellow 6 ect are colorant’s and some like Yellow 6 is linked too cancer, allergies and ADHD. Yellow 5 is made from petroleum. Amodimethicone is a silicone based polymer. And BHT is a fragrance masking agent that is linked too irritations of eyes, skin and lungs. And also toxic in high amount. This is added in a lot of cosmetics so high amount is attainable. Mineral oils are not working for me personally but not a health risk. The parfume/fragrance is not specified and can be plant badsed or synthetic. So can be good or bad.

So always check the ingredient before buying anything. I am not a chemist I know that. But prevention is better than curing.

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