Why cleaning wipes are very bad for your skin.

That you have to clean your face every night, I hope I do not have to tell you again. But that you NEVER need to do this with cleaning wipes, that may be new to you. Why are cleaning wipes bad for your skin? I explain it!

There are few cleaning wipes on the market that contain ingredients that really remove all makeup and dirt on your face. So, in fact, you are only spreading bacteria and make-up remnants over your face. In this way, you push the makeup residue into your pores. Do not wash your face with water afterward? Then you also take bacteria to your pillow, where they are transferred to your skin again. The result: blackheads, pimples, irritations, and wrinkles.

Cleaning wipes are extra harmful when you try to remove mascara or eyeliner. The force you use to wipe your eyes can irritate the skin. If you use cleansing wipes over a longer period of time – even if only once a day – that irritation and friction can increase the chance of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

How should your face clean? With a cleansing gel/milk or a cotton ball with micellar water. Even though cleaning wipes are so easy to use … Do not do more! Not even after a night out …

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