Where does the thirteenth actually come from on Friday? Keep far away from ladders.

For those who missed it: today is Friday the thirteenth here in the Netherlands. A dramatic day, especially for those with paraskevide catria phobia (an irrational fear of Friday the thirteenth).

For those, it is best to stay in bed all day, especially not to walk under ladders and certainly not to get close to a black cat. I wondered: where does this ‘accident day’ actually come from?

With (Bible) believer.
There are many theories about where the fear of Friday comes from the thirteenth. The number thirteen has been regarded as an accident number for centuries. The origin of this thought has a biblical explanation.

That 13 is an accident number has to do with his predecessor. The number 12 is seen as a perfect number. For example, we have 12 months in a year, the clock has 12 hours and we have 12 constellations. The number 13 is therefore automatically imperfect and therefore ‘doomed to fail’.

In addition, the number 13 has to do with the Last Supper of Jesus, in which he was present with his 12 Apostles, 13 in all. During this dinner Jesus betrays Judas, so he is crucified on the day after, yes, a Friday. Friday was indeed the day that Adam offered the forbidden fruit to Eve, which according to the Bible was a sin.

Do not leave the house.
Because of this superstition, the daily rhythm of a lot of people, especially in the United States, is completely shaken. Even so bad, that noticeable numbers of people who are sick of work and business transactions that day are postponed.

No luck today.
Talk about the number of accident number 13; the measures are taken to prevent accidents are decent. It is said that most aircraft do not have the 13th row, that buildings do not have a 13th floor (at least not with the numbering in elevators) and that hospitals do not have an operating room with the number 13.

Not only do we take extra care on Friday the 13th, but also in the Netherlands a lot of people are superstitious. According to the Center for Insurance Statistics, fewer accident reports are made on that day. The reason? People do extra, extra, extra careful. Or stay at home.

What are you doing?
Now I am curious; do you stay in bed as a precautionary measure (with Netflix?) Or are you not so superstitious?, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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