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Whats is the expiration date of make up? Time for a clean up probably.


Saying goodbye too a lipstick, eye shadow or any other kind of make up. That is pretty though. This will most girls pros pones especially the ones you use daily. We think that we need it later. And later never happens because your style changes or trends for that matter. In a recent study 89% of the woman is guilty of keeping old/expired make up? But when is make up then old/expired?

Unfortunately our make up stash is not for keeping for years. Just like the content of your fridge they are perishable. Keeping it longer can be risky for your health. Of course there are less risky than eating raw chicken. But still an eye infection or rash is not desirable.

On every make up product is a little pot with an open lit. Inside stands a number and mostly a M. This officiously helps but after a while in your make up bag it is most likely not readable anymore. But there are some rules that apply on every kind of make up. Powder based make up is good for 2 years. Creme textured like foundation or lipstick are 18 months. And liquids like mascara and eyeliner only 3 months. 3 Months is short but the location you use it for is sensitive.

But with these guidelines you still need to know when you opened the products. And i can say 90% of mine i have no idea. So every time now i put it in my agenda when opened something new and the expire date as well. If you now get all your make up together and need to decide to keep or to throw it out. Best rule of all if the texture, smell or color changed its most likely too toss it.

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