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What’s in my wallet


So wanted for a long time a real wallet. A leather one for grown ups. And for my 24th birthday i got one from my lovely parents.

It’s a real leather wallet of the brand H.J. de Rooy. And it is a dutch brand that started in 1947. Love that about it. I chose for one without a zipper because that is always the first thing that breaks in my opinion. Of course i removed all of the cards with any information about me. Just to be safe.

With this brand you have wallets for left and right handed persons. So keep that in mind if you’re interested. As you can see on the left card side in the right bottom picture, i don’t keep many loyalty card in my wallet. I have the app Stocard for that.This app is very handy because my wallet doesn’t lose it’s shape.

IMG_5352 IMG_5354 IMG_5357 IMG_5355_1

I am right handed so that’s why my left hand is holding the wallet and right the photo camera. For all my shots. For the price i’m not so sure because it is a present but for woman it starts around €50,- in stores in the Netherlands.

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