What too do on Kingsday.


The upcoming thursday is it Kings-day. A national holiday here. Just a few years ago it was still Queens-day. This was very confusing for locals and tourist. So here some help to survive it. Naturally don’t need a reminder too follow the law ;p Now the lucky number to drink and smoke is 18 here.

It is normal to sell your old stuff on the streets here on Kings-day. And many locals do this in the city-center. Of course it is fun to take a look and maybe buy something. And it’s normal bargain for a lower price. All the kids playing a instrument are fun as well. But some needs a lot of lessons still.

There is Kings-day night as well. The night from wednesday to thursday. A lot of bars are longer open and celebrating. Keep in mind too have enough brain left too get home or hotel room.

Kings-day has also festivals planned. Take a few looks at the local website city or google it. In and around Amsterdam are this year 5 festivals.

Wear orange! It’s our national color. Wearing this color will let you blend in. Eating orange food is also normal. Like the orange tompouce, cream profiterole or Boschse Bol. 

Keep in mind a lot of shops are closed or have changed opening hours.

The History:

During the 19th century the Waterloo Day, the national holiday day. On this day the end of the French occupation was celebrated extensively. Around the end of the 19th century, this day was becoming less and less celebrated. In order to emphasize national unity, the princess day was celebrated on August 31, 1885. This princess was Wilhelmina at that time. Because Wilhelmina became queen in 1891, the holiday day got another name: Queen’s Day. The day that Wilhelmina became Queen is the day we have a Queen’s Day. When Juliana became Queen, the party was moved to her birthday date: April 30th.

In 1980, Beatrix became queen and she decided not to take her birthday as a date, but to maintain Juliana’s birthday. The date of Queen’s Day was thus not moved. Beatrix is ​​on January 31st, and the weather is not suitable for outdoor events. Because Willem-Alexander became king in 2013, King’s Day is celebrating today on April 27, Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

Of course if you are here join us!

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