What is my profession?

So my profession is translated is every country different. In Australia i am a Esthetician for example. Now i live in The Netherlands and i am called a Allround schoonheidsspecialiste. Which is a person that is MBO level 4 graduated. If i want to studie further i get more on hbo level. Then i will studie for dermal therapist.

In every country it is also different what a esthertician can use in treatments. Now i am qualified to treat acne skin, shiatsu massage, thalasso and aromatic facials. Now this varies in schools what exactly wil get a diploma for. What my interest still lies is deep tissue massaging for example. So is setting fake nails in gel or acryl also something i can do. This is not really where my interest is. My interest lie more on skin improvement. But also waxing, doing somebody’s makeup or manicure is also fun.

Next to being a esthetician, i am also a pedicurist. I can more that just give you more than a cosmetic feet treatment. Removing excess callus or corn with a little knife for example.

So now WHY did i call my blog A Beautician Life then? Since i am a esthetician? Well first if all it rolls beter and more fluently over the tongue. And this blog is more versatile than just about being a esthetician.

Hope this explains it beter for you., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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