What is micellair water exactly?


Micellair water you’ve probably heard about and seen on TV. You probably know a makeup cleaner but keep it working? No idea. And suddenly it was hot topic. A lot of various brands of high-end till drugstore to have it in there skincare line.


In terms of texture is just water. You use it exactly like a lotion. But how a micellair water can suddenly pick your makeup and dirt from your face? Different than a lotion. After some research I have the answer for you.

Micellair water is a water-based cleaner containing micelles. These are little balls that grease and dirt binds to it. A kind of magnets. By doing this on a cotton ball and about to get hold of the magnets face your makeup and keep it vast. If you leave this on the skin it may irritate. It does not recognize the difference of natural fats from the skin, dirt and excess sebum.

Therefore, I would recommend it only if you are wearing light or no makeup. And with lotion as a second step after. Many brands contradict that but i have seen enough people with irritation of it. But my preference as a beautician is still cleaning with different products like milk and lotion, than with an all in one product.

See you tomorrow.
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