What is a essential oil?


Essential oils are concentrated liquids that don’t mix with water. They contain the fleeting scent of plants. The essential part is because they hold the characteristic scent of the plant. Don’t think that they smell only nice. Our nose is that developed that scent can greatly influence our mental state. The quality is measured by the ways it is has been obtained. Is it hand plucked? Which part of the plants is used? They plucking by hand insurers that the leaves of good quality are harvest without twigs mixed in. How are the part processed? Within 12 hours on a low as possible temperature distilled with steam is crucial. How lower the heat the better the quality of the oil. Also known as the first cold pressed oil. Is the most expensive as well.

The usage.

The use of essential oils differ per oil and the reason of use. The most known essential oils lavender and tea tree can be used directly on the skin. Other ones can give a irritation or burning sensation when used like that. Pregnant woman cant use lavender essential oil at all because it relaxes. With the risk of premature birth. An essential oil is molecule wise so smal that it can reach the bloodstream. Use can be on the skin, in bath, evaporated and eaten. Eaten/drinking the oils is pretty dangerous if you not know how. I suggest to do this with a aroma therapist only. They way of use will differ the result and function.

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