What happend to my skin, Going foundation free.

It is now about three months ago that i stopped wearing foundation. At first it was not my intention to go foundation free. I was going on vacation to Spain and didn’t want to bring any make up. Had only hand luggage with me and that was already full of stuff. So three weeks of sun, see and beach was tanning my skin pretty quickly. So even if i brought foundation with me it would have been too light.

Now i never had serious skin problems and always pretty clear. Now makes that it much easier than if i had full on acne! The only thing i had that my skin always looked red and irritated at my tempels. Now i can recommend it to every one. My skin is way more at ease. Redness is almost gone. And already have been asked 8 times by different people that i have a nice skin. Love that of course <3 Still wear make up on my lips, eyes, brows and blush/bronzer.

Now i will give you tips to achieve a foundation free skin.

  • Get your skin routine clear. Like always specifically on your skin type. And always a 3 step program: cleansing milk/gel/oil, lotion/toner and moisturizer at minimum.
  • Start at the beginning of a vacation. This first period can the skin act up a bit. And then it’s nice if you don’t have to leave the house or that nobody knows you anyway.
  • Touch your skin with your hands so minimal as possible.

After 1 month you will see a clearer and more relaxed skin. Hope you will give this a try and let you think about what kind of products you need to put on your skin. And go even further on your days off like me. Completely make up free in this picture., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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