What about phenoxyethanol?


Most brands have since the use of parabens as preservatives renounced in their products. The advertising slogan “paraben free” thereby lost some of its value. Time to throw a different approach, because a product without preservatives, which can not yet of course. Of these, one tries yet to convince us anyway.
Was chosen phenoxyethanol as a worthy successor to the parabens.

Now just convince the consumer that this is a healthy and safe alternative that data package in a striking advertisement and checkout again rung once.
And that is exactly where a number of brands but also manufacturers did. Some Natural cosmetics at the moment are doing. The fact that phenoxyethanol is also found in grapefruit, green tea and chicory indeed provides a “natural” aura but does not make it a healthy ingredient by definition.

Phenoxyethanol is a colorless liquid and is, chemically, to the family of the glycol ethers. It is used in many products, from shampoos to day creams, used as a preservative. Namely, it has a broad antimicrobial effect on bacteria, yeasts and molds. And it also makes the product stable.

For the record: it’s definitely not a “new” ingredient. It becomes all the year and day used as a preservative in cosmetic products.
Phenoxyethanol is also well researched and there is an overwhelming range of available information which conclusively shown to be harmful to health. It is in the top ten most common allergies, it has a tested and proven negative effect on eczema and it can lead to fertility problems.

Articles about phenoxyethanol refer to the “controversial” nature of the ingredient. Unfortunately, it is often suggested that the harm does not really shown black in white, which also cited that the competent authorities concentrations up to 1% are considered safe. Where so merrily the press kit from the manufacturer that while the number of allergy alerts is increasing every day.

If you once per week, one product, with a concentration of phenoxyethanol lower than 1%, was used, the risk of an allergic reaction or other skin problem is indeed small.
If you use every day, however, repeatedly products with phenoxyethanol and / or other preservatives increases the risk of an allergic reaction over time significantly. Especially when it comes to products that remain on the skin long-term such as day and night creams and sunscreens. Allergies and skin problems then suddenly very real. Indeed, the skin continues day and night with the allergen in contact. And for weeks, months or years.

So this is not too scare you. More to inform and educate you. I will probally still use products with this ingredient. And also search for better options. But i also know that how more fuzz is about this ingredient, the quicker there wil be a saver solusion. See it as getting animal testing illigal in europe. We as peopple acomplised that. So we will make changes.

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