What about cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil and CBD oil are regularly mixed up, but although both are cannabis concentrates, the two oils are very different. Where weed oil, also known as THC oil, is made from cannabis plants, CBD oil is mainly obtained from legal hemp plants. That is why it is called hemp oil.

What is CBD?

CBD is the abbreviation of cannabidiol, as is THC oil (tetrahydrocannabinol), an active ingredient in cannabis. THC is highly prevalent in cannabis plants and has a psychoactive effect: it causes a stoned or high feeling. Hemp plants have a very low THC content and just high levels of CBD. Several studies show that this substance can have an anti-inflammatory and calming effect.

Is it legal?

Dutch law stipulates that all cannabis strains containing less than 0.2% THC may be legally grown by obtaining the fibers or the seeds that can have a medicinal effect. CBD oil is therefore mainly extracted from certified hemp, where the percentages of THC do not exceed the legal limit. This also means that CBD oil is legally available and cannabis oil is not, because THC is covered by the Opium Act.


Although sound scientific research into the beneficial effects of THC and CBD is still in its infancy, millions of people share their positive experiences with the oil in diseases such as epilepsy, ADHD, asthma, migraine, cancer, sleep problems, rheumatism, inflammation and acne. a remarkable story that in 2013 made newspapers around the world is that of Charlotte Figi. the six-year-old girl suffered from severe epileptic seizures, sometimes up to 300 a week, which led to a sharp decline in her development. the distraught parents decided to try oil on the advice of a knowledgeable CBD. only a few drops a day made Charlotte have only two to three attacks per month and can lead a normal life again.

How to use.

there are different ways to use the oil or paste. the oil is usually drip under the tongue, where you have to rest it for a minute before you swallow. that way it is directly absorbed into your bloodstream. CBD capsules are also available, although some providers claim that this is less effective because it ends up in your stomach. A skin oil is also available for external use, which can be used for example on the impure spots.

THC oil or CBD oil.
CBD oil can be seen as the milder variant of THC oil. it has no psychoactive effect, is suitable for animals and children, does not have a sleep-inducing effect and can be dosed without difficulty. THC works as well as sleep-inducing and psychoactive, which makes precise dosing desirable. both active ingredients will have different effects for each person. CBD-oil is legal and easy to obtain, THC oil is not. Keep in mind that this applies to the Netherlands. Your country can have arranged it differently., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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