Tips & Tricks: Static hair

Dear Gorgeous Reader,

I think everyone has had static hair at some point. Just think about your childhood. When I slid down a plastic slide, my hair always stood upright. Now that I slide down slides no more, my static hair is only limited to the winter period. I do not usually suffer from it in my hair anymore. The biggest rule breaker is my baby hairs! Witch, I got a lot of and pretty long.

Static hair is created by positively charged particles that accumulate on the hair surface. The drier your hair and the drier the air, the more and the faster these particles will accumulate. In winter, the air is very dry compared to other seasons. Your hair is also drier (just like your skin dries in winter). The positively charged particles begin to repel at some point, which is accompanied by raised hairs and loud crackling.

Now we know why static hair is more common in the winter. Ways to prevent static hair are mainly with your hair itself since we cannot do anything about the humidity. At least not outdoors. Below I have listed a few tips that may come in handy:

  • Hot blow-drying dries out your hair and makes the air around your hair drier. So try to air dry your hair as much as possible or use the “cool mode” on your hairdryer. What also helps is an “ionic” hairdryer, available in different price ranges.
  • Avoid plastic combs and brushes as much as possible. Remember that plastic slide? Plastic makes static hair even more static.
  • Brushes and combs made of wood or rubber are recommended.
    Think of those wooden bristles with pig bristles, your hair seems to shine even more! There are also special hairbrushes on the market that prevent static hair. 
  • Synthetic clothing provides more cargo. So try to avoid fabrics like nylon and polyester and wear as many natural materials as possible like cotton. A mix of cotton with another fabric seems to be even better.
  • Not only clothing but also shoes can increase static. Walking on a carpet or carpet with plastic or rubber soles creates friction and builds up more static in your body. This static can only escape from your body through your hair, which causes upward hairs! Leather soles are therefore a better choice.
  • Keep your hair moist! Take good care of your strands with shampoo and conditioners that are specially made to care for and moisturize your hair,  If your conditioner is not enough, replace it with a hair mask. Static likes drought! The less dry your hair is, the better.
  • Since static hair flies in all directions, it is a tip to make your hair a little heavier. If your shampoo and conditioner have not done this enough, you can try a hair serum. Take a little serum in your hands, rub them together, and spread them lightly over your locks.
  • Spraying hairspray sometimes also offers a solution. To distribute hairspray better and finer, you can spray some on your brush bristles and brush your hair with it as soon as possible (before it dries).

Since I have followed some of these tips, I have become less static. Anyways, during brushing, I no longer have flying hairs, so I am satisfied. I hope these tips will help you too!

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