Tips for productive blogging.


People have been asking me how i find the way to blog with a workweek of 5 days. And i travel too and from work every time 2 hours a day. And sleep, be social , sport and more. And it is quite easy. Here are my tips!

  • Because i travel 30 minutes by tram it gives me the opportunity too write on the go. If you manage your blog with WordPress. You can install the app on your phone. Log in and start writing. So every day an hour writing done.
  • Plan blog time in your schedule. See your blog as a extra job that you love.
  •  Make a nice environment around your office nice and inviting to work. Make sure it is clean and tidy. With less distraction you will be more productive.
  • Don’t check after every post the statistics. It will drive you nuts. Do it on set times every week. Like tuesday and saturday.
  • Work on one thing at a time. Like making foto’s for several posts at one time. Then photo shop them. And then write the post one for one. If you do it like this it will keep you going and focused.
  • Organize all the articles with folders. Give them clear names. This way you can find everything back.
  • Work with  schedule. Which article comes live today, tomorrow ect.
  • And most important is your to do list. Keep it next to your article schedule. This way you can make different priorities in the to do list.

I am blogging now for about 2 years and still learn everyday. When i make the best articles in a shorts time frame. And when i am at my worst as well. But that never gets posted 😉 Hope this article helped you!

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