Things to do on a rainy day.


It’s fall here in the Netherlands so some days it rains all day long. So what to do then? My hobby is making this website look great and creating content. This I do every where at any time. But some days when it rains and lack of inspiration I will do the following:

Visiting a museum.

I live close to Amsterdam with a lot of different museums. You can spend hours in the Rijksmuseum for example. Taking pictures, sketching, reading and still have rooms that you didn’t visit.

Taking the time for yourself.

Giving yourself a mask and curl up on the couch. See that movie that waited for you for weeks. And sip up a warm mug of tea. Sound good right? And every time I do this, I wonder why this happens so few.

Declutter the bedroom.

Doesn’t matter how your live looks. If you have a family with 6 children or live alone. The bedroom not always looks like a relaxing quit retreat. Just get a laundry basket and every item that doesn’t belong in there gets in. take the items to the right place when the basket is full. How many times can you fill it up? Looks a lot better already without the junk. This you can do to every room in the house.

Call a family member or friend.

Just call the person that you haven’t seen for weeks. How older the person the better actually. Yes, call your granny! You will reconnect and make the other person very happy. Just by giving some attention.

Take up you’re forgotten hobby.

It can be playing guitar, reading books, coloring ect. I love perler beading myself. You know the beads that you iron together. So what is your hobby?

See you next time.

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