The new blushes of Yves Rocher


This oktober will come Yves Rocher out with new blushes. There are 10 color’s in the new collection. I will show you 3 of them. Picked these because they suit my skin color. They will cost €14,50 in the shop. They will come out with 60 new eyeshadows but will make an new article about that.


The 3 colors I chose was Bois de Rose, Rose Hortensia and Rose Fuchsia.  As you can see is the pigment of the blushes  very good in the picture below. Of course I will blend them good while wearing it. Other wise I will look like a clown 😛 Like it that Yves Rocher pressed the logo in the powder. Naturally while you use it this wil go away. But it gives it a professional and chic look. Made the packaging also round instead of the old squared ones. This is a plus for me because while using a brush I make round movements.

Rose Fuchsia blush


Rose Hortensia


Bois de Rose

Two of them are matt looking on the skin. This is in my opinion the best finish for a blush. Because the glitter and glossiness works better on lips and eyes. The Bois de Rose color has a little glitter when you look at it. But this will very subtle show on the skin.


See you next time.

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