The 9 most terrible types you encounter in the supermarket.

Well, in the supermarket you experience it.

l. The Relaxer.

The person who takes the time to put all his / her messages on the treadmill. Completely unaware of the fact that the queue is getting bigger (and more frustrated!).

2. The bargain hunter.

Why would all bargains be only for YOU? Stop throwing all items with a discount sticker in your cart and leave something for the rest.

3. The grumpy employee.

You try very politely interrupting the tea-cup of the employees by asking if they still have Nivea cleanser behind them, after which they tell them that they have nothing left without looking. You can just SEE that they are lying.

4. The bread-platter.

Hmm, which of the eight baguettes you have had in your hands, flattened and deformed will I choose?

5. The self-scanner.

It is the greatest mystery of all time: HOW do people who have no idea how technology works go to the self-scan cash registers? If you do not know how to scan messages, please stay away from the self-scanning area.

6. The indecisive wanderer.

The person who takes HOURS to decide which milk/cheese/butter is best to buy. Sure, making choices is difficult. But shopping with this person is hell. SHOOT, before I meet my boss/crush with this box of tampons in my hand.

7. The lost cart.

These people leave their baskets and carts lying around everywhere, while they are somewhere on the other side of the store. Totally no idea of the fact that their cart is blocking the cookie box.

8. The money seeker.

The person who only starts looking for his / her money when it is their turn. “Wait, I have somewhere 5 cents between these 33 passes”.

9. The desperate parent.

With a child that necessarily wants Nibbits chips. Mama says no. The child continues to whine. Mama says no. The child starts to scream. Mum says yes. The child is happy, mommy grumpy.

10. The Pensioner.

ALWAYS BUT ALWAYS when I have little time or patients, there are always pensioned people slowing me down in line or in the way in the aisle. Why are they there when there is rush hour by working people? They have time the whole week.

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