The difference between scrubs, peelings and lysings

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Today I have another article for you about skincare. This one includes scrubs, peels and lysings. And above all their dissimilarity. Most of you would probably be familiar with scrubs. And that you probably use regularly. There exists a still confusion about whether a scrub and peeling the same or not.

A scrub has a cream or gel structure with a grain there in. This is used for the body and face. To remove dead skin cells. Each scrub has different grain size which one is milder than the other. For the body, they are coarser than the face because the skin thickness is different.

scrubLysing is a powder which can be mix with water. This will make a paste that you mostly use on your face. The lysing works protein splitting the skin causing all the dead skin as it were dissolves / disengaged. You bring it with your hands as a mask. Then make your hands wet and you rotate over it with your fingers. It is important to keep moving, and to keep it moist. Be aware that you are up to 2 times going over your face and then removed. The skin may be red look after use, but that’s normal for most lysings. Certainly for sensitive skin.


Peeling let you always do by a professional. Always, without exception! Most chemical peels are based on herbs and acids. But you also have mechanical exfoliation such as micro dermabrasion that you let done in a recognized beauty salon. Make sure it’s a branch organization affiliate salon. There are three levels of chemical peels from mild to spicy. The best known is salicylic acid. Peels accelerate the renewal of the skin. You can make it do to improve pigmentation, scars, wrinkles, pores and fine lines.

Hope this article clears up a lot for you. Questions are always welcome!

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