The difference between a dry skin or dehydrated skin?


I get so many clients a day that say ‘My skin is dry!’ And 9 out of 10 the skin is dehydrated only. Of course there are dry skins out there. Sure when you have one there is no oily parts on your hole face. If your skin still has oil production the chance is sim that ia also dry overal.

The difference is in your fingertips! Feel your skin when it’s dry and uncleaned in the morning. Does it feel ruff or smooth. Especially around the nose and shin area. Do you feel scaly skin? Or is it more tight? When the skin is tight the skin is likely dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is not a skin type. It is more a skin condition like acne. Or when the skin is ruff to the touch. It is likely dry.

A oily skin can still be dehydrated. This is also the confusing thigh about it. And a face can be oily on the forehead and dry on the cheeks as well. But never dry and oily in the same area.

Dry skin is: Afbeeldingsresultaat voor dry skin

Ruff to the touch

it ages faster

Is a skin type

lacks is it’s natural oils

Both can be:




Dull look

Dehydrated skin:

Lacks moisture

Sensitive for break outs

Is a skin condition

Can be caused by external influences


Of course does it not mean your’re done. There are more factors that play a role in what kind of skin type you have. When your not sure let a certified beautician look at it.

See you next time.

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