The Body shop pink beauty advent calendar.

So, in the beginning of december i wanted of both my advent calendars a article of the day. Now everything worked out as i wanted. And when plans change you need to adopt. For the advent calander of the Body Shop i bought, I will make one article for it. And show you everything.

Day 1

A lipbalm based on mango is always a good idea. Makes your lips very smooth. The texture is nice. The packaging is not that great because of the hygienic aspect of it. You need t use a finger to apply it. Cost €5,-

Day 2

To keep in the mango theme, day two come with a shower gel. Good for at least 4 uses. Love that the cap is with a small hole. Most mini’s don’t have that. Still good scented mango. Prise is €2,-

Day 3

A star today. Based on turkish plum. Nice that it is star shaped for this time of the year. Used it once for my hands. Left them feel soft and clean. Smells als a bit flowery. Could not place it directly. But a little research on the site. makes it a touch of pink peony and magnolia. Pink peony is one of my favorite flowers. So because of this and because of the price is only €1.50 I would buy it in the shop. But because of the shape i think it is limited edition.

Day 4

Personally i am not a fan of anything in cosmetics with only coconut. And this one is very strong scent wise. So i will give this away to a coconut lover. But find it a good idea that it’s a cream formula instead of a gel. Makes it less stripping on my skin. Soya oil is added for soft skin as well. Price is €2,-

Day 5

Always handy to keep with you. And a cardboard nail file is suitable for almost every nail. The grid is nice and the file is strong. This is important to use it. Product is not on the website when i write this article. But similar nail file i bought for about €2,- So think the price of this one would be as well.

Day 6

This shower gel based of pink grapefruit was a good idea of The Body Shop. Very fruity and sweet in a good way. There is also added a bit of honey inside. Price €2,-

Day 7

A heart shaped berry scented soap. With vanilla and white flowers added in the mix. Feels the same as the star shaped soapy. Cost €1.50

Day 8

This shower gel is very sweet. To sweet for me. So as a little treat for a young girl it’s perfect. They make it from the seeds that they coldpress the oil out of. Love that fact. Added a bit of honey as well. Cost €2,-

Day 9

Was looking for a new lash curler. Unfortunately first impression was not great. Now maybe i have still to much drugs in my system from the operation. And that was the reason my lash didn’t curl at all. So for that reason i will give it a second try later. But for now €5,- it is the cheapest lash curler i ever came across.

Day 10

My third product with mango in the calendar already. Luckily love the scent. It’s a whipped body lotion what makes it lighter in texture than normal. A fact i like about it. Sinks in the skin very fast and not sticky at all. For the price of €4,- for this small bottle is a bit on the expensive side for me. But a bigger bottle for €10,- with 250 ml is better priced.

Day 11

Loofah or luffa sponge today. Not sure if i write it correctly because after some research, i got different options. Personally i think loofah is the better option. And on the Body Shop website they call it a bath lily. Sounds cute but finding the product on the site is made difficult like this. Made from 15% recycled material. For €3.50 per piece. I know you should only use this for a couple of months and then replace it. Because of the bacteria that can grow in a wet sponge. So if you use one always hang it up to dry.

Day 12

My first thought was coconut when i saw this one. Based on other products in the calendar. But luckily for me it’s vanilla based. Perfect shape of a little christmas tree. It is more creamier with use than the other soaps. Cost of the soap is €1.50

Day 13

Every woman has a black eyeliner in her make up kit except me. So this comes in handy. The tip is soft enough for the skin around the eyes. But hard enough for a clean line. Color payoff is good. For the price of €8.50 it’s reasonably priced.

Day 14

If you ever been in a shop, you will know that accessories is a big thing at the Body Shop. They have 3 types of massage tools already for the face. So this sponge what they easily call the cleansing sponge. Not face lily for example. Very soft and can be used instead of a warm washcloth. Will recommend you buy two in one go. This way you can wash one and use the other one. They are €3,- a piece. For a more environment friendly option stick to a warm washcloth because sponges like this need to be replaced every couple of months.

Day 15

Unlike the shower cream the scent is much milder. Sinks in the skin very fast. Just because i am not a coconut fan. I would not buy this. But the Body Shop has a wide range of hand creams. About 14 different flavours in their permanent collection. Not to mention their limited editions. And for €5.50 it’s very cheap.

Day 16

It was possible for the Body Shop to make a better lipbalm than the mango version. A shea butter based one. You get ultra soft lips with it. Doesn’t give a color to the lips. So sleeping with this on the lips in perfect. For only €5,- it’s a steal. Still prefer a stick packaging because of the hygiene.

Day 17

Used in the past the camomile cleansing butter. Loved that one. This eye makeup remover is liquid and must be used on a cotton pad. This bottle cost €5,- A bit on the expensive side for 60ml. Clean eyes after using this. Will probably not be strong enough for waterproof makeup. Can be used if you wear contact lenses which is a big thumbs up for me!

Day 18

Another handcreme in the calendar for me. This one is based on almonds. On the site it’s a bit confusing. On one place it says that the product is limited edition. And a few lines further the packaging is limited edition because of a collab with street artist EINE. So what is it? The price is also a bit more than the coconut one. the price is €6.50 instead of €5.50 So if you can buy it in 2018 is still the question. But i also saw a shea butter one with is also a good nutty flavoured one. If this is a limited edition scent.

Day 19

Day 19 comes with a pair of scrub gloves. They sell it in a pair what is always a good idea. As the loofah and face cleansing sponge you can use it for a couple of months. Because of the bacteria grow. Still throw them regularly in a washmachine. You can buy them for €5,-

Day 20

The rose glow body butter is it for day 20. My first thought was that it had glitter inside. But luckily that’s not the case. The scent is amazing. Love the soft rose scent. It is soft in texture and sinks in very quick. You can buy it for €6,- for 50ml.

Day 21

Personally i like a spoolie or mascara wand better to get my brows in shape. I will like to seperate my lashes with it. So will use it for that. For a price of €7,- is a good product. You can use it for years.

Day 22

This product smells very sweet. Too sweet in my opinion. Like the strawberry shower gel. You get glossy light pink lips when you use it. But will not buy it. The price is €3.50 So pretty cheap.

Day 23

Not my favourite scent. It’s very classic. And based on the imaging on the website there is some iris inside. You definitely need to test it in the shop before buying. I have no idea how much this must cost in the store for 60ml. My guess it would be around €5,-

Day 24

So for the last day. you get glitters! Glitter dust to be exact. It’s a cool gold. Nice for the holiday makeup. Or nails for that matter. Very multifunctional. For €9,- it’s yours.

Some prices are a estimate. The mini’s, soaps and nail file is one of them. Based on the 100 ml price., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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