The benefits of dry brushing you’re body.


Today i will show you the benefits of dry brushing your body. I am doing it myself for a few weeks now.  Not for the hype of it. I was searching for a way to treat my skin in the least impact of the environment.  In many conventional body scrubs are still little micro plastics inside. Or parabens, color, parfum and other unnecessary stuffs.

Stimulates your lymphatic system and blood circulation.

Because you working on you’re legs from your toe’s till your hart you will help you’re body’s lymphatic system to remove any toxins out of you’re body. Some say it will help with cellulitis as well. That is logical because cellulitis are inflammation’s in the body.

Exfoliate your skin.

This of course obvious a reason to do it mainly for me. Like i said above in this article i want to do as less environment damage. If you have a sensitive skin you need to check by yourself the reaction of the skin.

The tips for dry brushing:

What to look for in a brush?

Natural fibers, not synthetic bristles as well as a large brush head, so you don’t add too much time to your morning routine

When to dry brush?

Once per day on your dry body, preferably before a shower or bath in the morning.

How to dry brush?

Start from your feet working upwards and then from your hands towards your shoulders. Remember brush towards your heart.

How to enhance your results?

In the shower try doing some hot and cold lacerations (showering under hot and then cold water, alternating a few times). This will further increase your circulation and detoxification process.

Where to buy?

You can find dry brushes all over the place, but to find a good quality natural-bristle brush, check out your local health food store, organic market and/or natural beauty supplier. I got mine at The Body Shop.

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