The ankle story part 1: The accident.

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So my hole life is upside down again. Had a time back already a gap in my schedule of the blog. This due to my laptop died. Now it’s my body that makes life difficult. I had an accident while i was on my bike. Now this happened last thursday 30 november.

So i went to the grocery store before work. To buy food because that day i worked from 10.00 till 21.00. So i get a small refund from work because i work shopping eve. Now on my way home, i fell hard. So hard on my right side that i knew immediately something wrong with my foot. The bike was laying on it as well. So i was on my knees and hand trying to get my foot free. Luckily i got help from a bystander. He helped me stand on one leg. Because my foot was standing in such unnatural position. So we knew that i could not stand on it even without trying. So at sitting on the side of the road, calling an ambulance was the next thing. Police was there within 10 minutes luckily. This is normal in my country. They put my bike on a lock and got my handbag. So they made a report of the fall and alerted municipality. So that the bike bridge could be treated. To make it less slippery. In the meantime we were waiting for the ambulance there were four people that almost fell on the same bridge. Even one of the police officers almost slipped.

Trust me the lovely sound of an ambulance when you’re the reason they are coming for is great. So inside the ambulance they looked at my ankle. And right away the lady said that my ankle was extremely loose. As soon as i laid down, i got hooked up to a iv. As i understood is that it contained a paracetamol like  medicine. This was not enough. And before they would do anything with my ankle the gave me some ketamine. If you never used any drugs for recreational use like me. Ketamine will surprise you. I was tripping in the ambulance because of it. Everything moved and felt like i was in a water whirl. After removing my shoes and pants. They have a inflatable cushion that they wrap around the ankle. As soon as i was stable they drove me to the hospital.

At the ER my ankle got x-rayed to see what’s was wrong. Because i fell in such a way that my ankle made a twist, that they made x-rays of my knee as well. Thankfully this was completely fine. So with a few more painkillers and waiting on doctors. The end result was that my ankle was broken on 3 places and needed a surgery to fix it. Because my ankle was swollen twice it size than normal. A surgery right away was not possible. So got a cast after they manoeuvred in the right position. To keep it from getting more tight if it swelt more or too loose if the swelling went down. The castmaster made a slit in the length of the cast. Because my movement would be restricted to only necessary things like bathroom breaks. I got syringes to give myself everyday. To prevent my blood making blood clots. After the cast was on i got my 101 on doing this. Still i think this is hard to do. Now was it time to plan the surgery in. And the appointments for anesthesiology and pre op check up.

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