The 4 largest foundation no-no’s

With a good foundation, you have a perfect and spotless-looking skin all day long. In any case, it should not be noticed that you are talking about it. But if you make a mistake – think of a brush sweep here, a pancake effect there – it is suddenly very clear that you have used it. That is the last thing we want! You can read here four foundation misses and how to prevent them.

ERROR # 1: Your neck and face do not match.

The trick to let these two match is by using the three-line trick. Make three stripes along the jawline; one stripe with a foundation that is lighter than your skin, one with a tint that you think is the perfect match and the last stripe with a warmer color than your skin color. The foundation tone that fits seamlessly with the neck is the best choice. Is your match not included? Try mixing the colors.

ERROR # 2: Visible pores.

You can easily prevent this miss by using a primer and applying your foundation in a rotating motion with a brush.

ERROR # 3: Not the suitable product for your skin type.

Photo by Oli Dale on Unsplash

When it comes to skincare, we take into account our skin type. The same applies to the foundation. Do you want a flawless skin? Then choose a species that meets the needs of your skin. For example, dry and dehydrated skin needs a different type than oily skin.

ERROR # 4: Pancake effect.

This is perhaps the biggest mistake, the infamous pancake effect. In other words, a foundation that is applied too thick and is therefore very visible on the skin. The key is; less is more and build up the layers quietly. Start in the middle of your face, work outwards and blend it with a sponge or brush. This way you will not get visible edges.

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