Tea Tag!


Today it is national tea day! So what better to celebrate that with a tag! And everyone reading this may do this too!

      1. Loose tea or tea bags?

Tea bags because it is easier to use.

      2.  Strong tea or weak tea? 

Medium i think. And strong for fruity tea’s

      3. What kind of goodies you like to eat at tea?

A stroopwafel aka a syrup wafel. Very Dutch.

     4.  What are your favorite brands of tea?

My current favorite is Pickwick.

     5.  Do you drink a particular type of tea at certain times?

No, But i think i should drink more green tea.

     6.  Name your three favorite tea flavors right now?

Green tea, Strawberry and earl grey are my favorites. Pretty boring still.

     7. What cup (s) or drinking glasses you prefer tea?

I like my tea in a mug.

     8. Where should be your perfect cup of tea? (Think big, small, thick / thin glass, thick / thin brick)

A big mug with thick rim.

     9. Which tea do you really not drink?

I am not that very experiences tea drinker. But tea with mint is just gross!

     10. When you most enjoy a cup of tea? 

When i have feeling cold. To warm up.

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