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Start your week off on a good note.

There are always woman that are always on top of there game. Organized to the max. Now i am not such a woman completely. But i have somethings i am training myself in.

Create a to do list.

Making a to do list is a pretty important skill too master in life. Nobody can remember every single thing that has to be done. Or every appointment for that matter. Now everyone has there own system to make one. Mine can consist of things i need to do at my day job, blog, social and household chores. Now i always have my cellphone with me. Like you probably as well. Every phone has an note function on it. There i write everything that i have to do that pops in my mind. Like cleaning the bedroom, take my plate from lunch downstairs till my blogging article stuff. Now that you have your list, you have to prioritize it. Seeing what is important and what not. How much time every task takes. And if i need to do it or can somebody else do it. This last thing is more for my day job. These to do’s you don’t need to take home. So on my weekly list job to do’s don’t appear at all. I set them in the agenda that lies at work. And remove it out my list in my phone. Making sub category’s like blog, groceries, and home work. Put the most important to do on top per category.

plan out your outfits.

If you have a organized closet it will take about 5 minutes to dress yourself. Now many of the people i know don’t have one. If you work in an office it has maybe have a uniform that you need to comply with. Most likely a suit look. pants/skirt, blouse and colbert. When you put 5 outfits together and hang one outfit per hanger on a rack. Label them monday, tuesday, wednesday ect. Include the shoes and accessories as well. Now it wil take you one minuut to dress yourself. I do have a work uniform at work so if i have to work i put on shoes, jeans and a t-shirt. Low maintenance. But at the beginning of the week i make a stack of 3 a 4 times a outfit. And when i don’t work i like to wear more nicer clothing. So for my days of i hang this on a hanger.

declutter your bedroom.

A clean and a bedroom without distractions makes better sleep. Now if you use your bedroom like me for more than only sleeping. Mine is a office and practice space as well. In this case make sure the space is tidy. Especially what you can reach from your bed. Getting good sleep makes you instant happier. And stronger to get things done.

create a meal plan.

Everybody needs to eat. I don’t like to shop for groceries everyday. I don’t give myself the time for it as well. So on a dayoff i see what is in offer in the supermarket. And plan meals per day with that. Lunch and dinner. And buy this the same day. This prep day can be any day in the week because my work schedule varies. My breakfast is always the same. Because i prepare this the night before. This gives me time in the morning to peel my potatoes for that night. Because when i get home i will cook it or put it in the oven only. I have worked all day and i am tired.

Make one of the changes in your own life. And see if this works for you., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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