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Spring cleaning my make up


Yes! Its finally spring here. Birds are chirping and the weather gets slowly better. So today i did a de-clutter and clean up of my make up. For woman that just use make up very basically, my collection is big. But for a beauty blogger stand point it is very little. I did question with every product if i used it and if it made me happy. Checking if it makes you happy is the Konmari way of de-cluttering.

These are some pictures of the mess:

I keep my make up in a Ikea Malm dresser. The dresser top flips open and has a mirror inside it.
And everything that doesn’t fit in the top. Quite a mess.

First thing i did was taking everything out. Washed my brushes finally. Was so needed. I need to do that more often for hygienic purpose. But i forget it. Cleaned out the top and draw with soapy water and a sponge. Don’t do that very wet because that will damage the dresser. Laid new towels in so everything stays in one place.

Now for the fun part! Deciding what to keep and give/trow away. I always give away as much as possible to friends and family. If its hygienically possible.

Let’s do this
This all will go away. Somethings were not my color anymore. Brushes where falling apart. The foundations were to light/dark and to thick for summer on my skin, if i would keep them they just go bad before winter.
What i will keep. That’s in total 68 products in total with accessories like brushes. Counted my MAC palette as one. Not bad if i say myself.

And the end result:



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