Smooth legs in a flash.


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ipl ontharenAlmost every woman and some guys maybe want smooth legs, armpits and more. So what to do? The options waxing, shaving, laser or IPL/VPL technique. So what is good and suitable for you?

Difference between a laser treatment and at home laser.  

The biggest difference is the strength of the equipment. Of course is the machine at the salon is stronger than the at home ones. And in the salon can stand a IPL, VPL or laser machine. The at home are in the Netherlands all IPL. The laser of the at home machines have between 2,6 till 5,9 joules. The salon ones can do 40 joules. Joules is the unit that we use for the warmth that is pointed at the hair follicle. At a salon it takes approximately 12 treatments to be hairless. And once a year a follow up to keep the hair follicle in sleepy state. The at home ones are not strong enough for completely hairless result. When you stop using the hair come back. The salon treatment can be painful.Afbeeldingsresultaat voor ipl ontharen

Summer time and electric hair removal.

In general can electric hair removal and waxing all year long. The risk is more for the pigmentation that can get distorted. Also called pigment spot. Also can the skin be too dark pigmented so that the hair follicle blends in with the remainder off the skin. Then it will not work. And the skin will suck the flash with skin damage as a result. Think of skin burs as well.


IPL: Also called intense pulsed light. Will cook as it where your hair follicle so it will no longer work.                                        VPL: Also known Variable Pulsed Light. Works the same as IPL but is newer and softer option than IPL.

My advice to you is when you want electrical hair removal or waxing to go too a beautician that is associated with the branch organization for beauticians in your country. It The Netherlands is that the ANBOS., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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