Skin type: oily


What is oily skin? Most people immediately think of glowing skin and that’s right. Oily skin is a thicker texture than normal. And produces too much sebum. You can tell that the skin is too active. We speak of oily skin is shiny when three or more parts of the face. There are several causes of oily skin. The most important are:

  •  Heredity
  • Hormones
  • Cosmetics
  • Medicines
  • Weather conditions

The reason I want to talk about is mostly cosmetic. I’m not a doctor and anyone living anywhere else in the world and it is difficult to change. Many oily skins are misunderstood. Usually, we use aggressive cleaners that ultimately only help in the short term. The skin will make even more sebum to compensate. My vision also assumes that you have to listen to the skin. Personally I give oily skin more oils as the skin is clean. The idea behind it is that the skin is saturated and the production of sebum slows down. These thoughts frighten the most as it is the biggest nightmare of them. But if you keep stripping your skin, it will produce more and more. Your skin wants to be in balance so let it.

Oily skin does not mean that the skin is overly hydrated. Dehydrated skin may also encounter with oily skin. One is a skin type (Fat) and skin condition (dehydrated). The advice I give to people to always look at all the products that go on the face. How tolerance is it for the skin. If the skin is changed dramatically in a short time. It is telling you that it is good or bad. When the skin gets worse. Is it best to go back to basics? Only clean the skin in the morning and evening, a day and night cream and see if it goes well. You do not come out then feel free to ask an esthetician for advice. I am also available for you.

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