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Skin condition: Rosacea


We’re going to have a article today about the skin condition rosacea. Because i see so many people around me that have a beginning of it. The cause of rosacea is now still unknown. There are factors that can aggravate it, such as alcohol, certain medications and sunlight but not yet proven to cause rosacea.
Rosacea is a chronic skin condition of the face. It gives a red color usually in a butterfly pattern. Further rosacea can have you experience flushing, pimples, bumps and swollen blood vessels. In general, the skin is much more sensitive than normal. There have been detected in half of the people with rosacea have eye disorders. These eye conditions mean that for example, you suffer from inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis), cornea and conjunctiva (keratoconjunctivitis). Luckily you have more chance of dry, burning, watery eyes. It also happens that you feel there is something in the eye is like sand. This is very annoying when you’re continuously feeling it. If you blush burden you, chance is that you have an increased chance that you can suffer from migraines. Sometimes you may also suffer from seborrhoeic eczema.
Fortunately, rosacea is treatable by external and internal approach. Often, a doctor can easily determine by how seriously the treatment plan will look like. Since I am not a doctor I refer you if you think you have rosacea.

Itself you can fortunately also help yourself by watching what things worsen your rosacea. Such as heat, cold, or herbal medications. Try to avoid this. The use of camouflage makeup may of course if you are ashamed of it. Clean the skin with mild products to prevent aggravation.



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