Review: Yes To Cucumber Calming Daily Moisturizer of Yes to



The last few weeks i tested a new moisturizer for my face. This time it is from Yes to brand. This brand is cruelty free and uses at least 95% natural ingredients. And they say no to parabens, phthalates, chemical sunscreens and other potentially harmful ingredients. So that’s great. They have a line for pretty much everything. Each line has a different ingredient as the main focus. Like there most known Yes to Carrots!


Yes To Cucumber Calming Daily Moisturizer is a 99.6% natural day and night cream, suitable for normal to sensitive skin. A moisturizing with rich cucumber, aloe vera, spirulina and Dead Sea minerals and makes for a gorgeous glow. Soothing moisturizer gives the skin an extra dose of protein and nutrients.


What i like about the packaging is that it is a bottle with a pump om it. Which it very hygienic and easy to dose the amount of product. One pump is for me even to much of product for my face and neck. The texture is a light creme that sinks in the skin very easy. In my opinion a good product that actually does what it says. So i will repurchase this in the future. The price is € 12,99.
See you next time.
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