Review: Vitamin E cream cleanser of The Body Shop.


So, you have already seen this in my project pan of march. Like i said in that was how i used it. And here is as well the more elaborated review of it.

My first impression is good. Not too big or to small of a product. It lays easily in the hand to use it. The scent is soft and fresh. The light pink color of the bottle is nice.
The cleanser costs €12.00. Wich is for me not that expensive because you use it for months.

The ingredients:

The texture is pretty thick. This is great for normal to dry skin. You need a little to clean your’re hole face and neck. It leaves my skin still comfortable and soft. And no tightness feeling after. You can clean the eyes with it but it can sting you if it’s gets inside. This happend to me because i droppen a warm wash cloth i wanted to remove it with. You are warned hahaha. I cried as well.

I will repurchase this cleanser in the future. As a first step cleanser.

See you next time.

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