Review: Vertige Longeur mascara of Yves Rocher.


Today i will show you the new Vertige Longeur mascara from Yves Rocher. I got it in bleu because i don’t wear black mascara anymore. First impression of the tube is good. Nicely one shape and silver. Opening  the mascara is still good, except you can’t really get the too much mascara off. This is because the wand is very thin.

So thin as the stick. It’s one with hairy top. Personally i have already long lashes so if the will appear longer is the question. Below is the result after a few tries applying it good. This is a bummer for me. A mascara needs to sit good certainly when it’s new.

For me it makes the lashes too clingy together. And didn’t appear longer than normal. Even my bottom lashes on the right side cling together. This never happens with my usual mascara.For the cost of €19.90 is this pretty bad. So i will not repurchase this mascara. So below a pretty disappointing me.

See you next time.

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