Review: The Body Shop, Drops of youth liquid peel.

So with Christmas i got the liquid peel from The Body Shop. It was on my list. I was curious about it. My skin doesn’t react good to a scrub or peeling with beads in it. So this attracted my attention. On the site i saw that there are two liquid peels in the product range. The other one is also skin brightening.

So i already have from the same line the mask. And i love the scent of that one. The first time was using it i was shocked. I regularly remove my dead skin cells. At least once a week. So i didn’t assume a big change with this product. Oh boy what was i wrong! The first use was eye opening. The amount clumps that formed on my skin, so many. Much more than i thought. Washed it all off. And my skin felt so soft. And my skin was not irritated at all. This was a big plus for me.

The packaging is very simple. There is a cap on the pomp. To prevent any leaking if the bottle is twisted open. The amount of product is also a great deal for your money. For €21,- you have it. It is advised to use it two a three times a week. And because it is so soft, this is reasonably for the skin as well. Always use it on a clean and dry skin. This way the product can give you the nicest result. Make soft circular movement on the skin and let it work. Always use it as well on the neck and decolleté. These areas are often forgotten with peelings. After 30 seconds you will rinse it of and smile. It feels so smooth that it will became a staple in your beauty routine.

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