Review: Simple micellar cleansing water & moisturizer.

So a few weeks i walked in the Kruitvat. A local drugstore here in The Netherlands. And saw they had a new brand in out of the UK. So didn’t saw a review of it. I needed a micellar water anyway so pick it up with a light moisturizer. They had two moisturizers in stock a light and rich version. So chose the light version because i like to layer quit a lot. There coming more products in stock like a cleansing wipes, creme in pot, eye make up remover and face wash.

The brand is very populair in The UK and now finally here. There motto is:

Because skin is born to be sensitive, Simple® is born to be kind.

They formulate the products in such kind of way that there are no perfume, colour or any harsh ingredients are in them. What you put in the product is even important than what you leave out. This is to me a very good basis to work with. Also as you look at the packaging is very minimal and clean. There belief that it should be simple in use and not be to complicated. I love the packaging. Very fresh and light. The brand exist over 50 years. Started in 1960 in The UK. Now to last that long as a cosmetic brand is tough but they did it. Now we are looking for more clean and pure cosmetics, i can only see a grow in popularity of this brand oversees.

Micellar Cleansing Water 200 ml, € 4.99

A very basic but very good micellar cleaning lotion. Just put on a wipe, get over your face and your face feels clean and fresh without any tragic feeling. Really a heavier eye make-up do not remove it, but you have the Eye Make-Up Remover or the Cleansing Facial Wipes. There are glycerin, niacinamide, panthenol, chamomile extract and coconut extract.

Hydrating Light Moisturizer 125 ml, € 5.99
A light moisturizing cream for each day in a delicious large bottle. For my skin, this does not usable alone , but I will use it over serum and under a thicker creme. There are glycerin, panthenol, vitamin E and bernagie oil.

Note: this cream contains paraffin and silicone.

By no means, Are the products all without some parabens, a harder cleanser (SLES) and silicone. This explains also the pricing of them. Silicons are cheap in use. But if your skin does not respond to it, it’s definitely mild for you. No synthetic fragrances and dyes and no hard alcohols. Nice! But for the price and what you get is certainly good.

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