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Since a few months ago already, Yves Rocher has released a new line Sensitive vegetal. I got them to write a review for you. This time I used several products and only this line for a couple of month. I know the line is out for a long time but took my time to test it. The ingredient where it’s all about is Sigesbeckiablad.


This line has a micelaire lotion, face mist, milk, concentrate, eye cream, day creme with spf, hydrating day creme and moisturizer used against redness.
Bodegón productos Sensitive Végétal Yves Rocher
The promise made is that you get to use a less red, calmer and get hydrated skin.

My first impression is all good because no parabens, mineral oils, alcohol, perfumes or colorants in the line. Further, it is between 91% and 94% with natural ingredients. This percentage varies by product a little. This is reasonable towards organic way. Packaging is very clean and fresh.

Anti-redness cream:
Use on cleansed skin after the concentrate. Avoid the eyes. Costs € 15.90

Personally i think that this creme is the best products of the line. As a extra ingredient they added shea butter with softens the skin.

Micelair lotion:
For the cleaning of the face and eyes. Costs € 7.90

This is a great products for days without make up. In my opinion it’s not strong enough to get a full face make up off if you use it alone. Combined with the milk it’s good.

Face mist:40901

For refreshing the skin. Costs € 12.90

Personally i think this is a redundant product. Not worth buying.


Eye Cream:

Natural to the eye skin. Costs € 12.90

Light in texture and a good moisturizer. But for me not thick enough to nourish my eye area.


Also serum called for under your cream. Costs € 18.00

Works fine on the skin and is light enough to put any dag or night creme over it. Inside the actual product sits in a bag so it looks half empty. They say it is so there won’t come in contact with air. But there is a pump on it? Personally i think it is just marketing because in that little bag still is product but i can’t get it out.

Yves_Rocher_Sen._Cleanser__87092.1443727500.1280.1280Cleansing milk:

For cleaning the skin. Cost € 7.90

Works fine on my skin when i use it with water but for really sensitive skin water is not recommended. I don’t like to work with a cotton pad, put the product on it and wipe it over my face. Like they recommend.

Hydration creme:87432

The normal day creme. Cost € 14.90

Works fine hydrating wise. But don’t see a difference in my skin in any other way. It’s not calming my skin down like it promised.

Yves_Rocher_Sensitive_Vegetale_Anti_Redness_Cream_50ml_1446453170Day creme with spf 20:

Totally useless. Cost € 15.90

Just the normal day creme with a fake spf 20 extra. But why use a spf that’s only protects for max 30 minutes against UV B alone. Are we really gone use it every 1 a 2 hours? And there is still UV A? So a marketing thing. Just use a real sun screen. The tube is fine to use.

I used the creme’s one at a time too see how they worked. In my opinion the micelaire water, milk,  concentrate and anti redness creme are worth buying. The face mist and spf creme are just useless. And the eye creme and normal day creme are not very exiting or good working. The prices listed in this article are without any discounts. I bought the products myself and this is not a sponsored article.  

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