Review: Salt of the earth, natural deodorant.

So my current deodorant for my days off is the Salt Of The Earth classic. My thoughts on why I use it is pretty simple. On normal days I use spray and on lazy days the classic. This is, in my opinion, better for my skin and overall health. And the best thing about it: ONLY one ingredient!

As you can see it’s vegan/vegetarian suitable. And not tested on animals. It is more a stone that you make wet and use. Using it exactly like a roller deodorant. My lifestyle is currently changing in a more vegetarian, cruelty-free and more active way. I take baby steps and get used to it more and more. This scentless stick is helping me with it. Depending on your sweat level I recommend you to transition slow.

Changing this aspect in my life as little as it is. Makes me happy. Taking better care of yourself is a beautiful thing. Changes my mindset and every day I notice my body and mind reacting in a more positive way.

So on days, i will be active in boxing. I’m still using a spray deodorant with a little scent right before. Because I know that right after it hit the shower. So the time that it in on my skin so short. I think it is ok. This is a small review of a daily product. Maybe not like other reviews i wrote but hope it sends your mind working.

So I am curious if you tried it? Leave your opinion and deodorant in the comments 😉, pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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