Review: Revolution highlight powder pallette.


I never had the need to use a highlighter. Until i saw my colleague wearing one. So after some research i found this one. You can buy them per color as well. These cost € 3.95 each. The palette is €9.95 so the choice was easily made. I bought it at Etos, a drugstore.

I have put the box over the mirror. Other wise my camera flash would blind you. From left till right: white/champagne, rink/orange and purple/silver. The individual color don’t have names that i could find.

My everyday highlighter i use under my eyebrow is definitely the yellow/champagne one. The other two depend on my look of the day.

Here it is a swatch on my hand very light pressure and in daylight:

And now with more pressure and indoor lighting:

Will defiantly recommend this to you. The price is not high and the size of the highlighters is big. There have a diameter of 5 cm. Pictures speak for themselves.

See you next time.

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