Review: L’Oréal, Botanicals fresh care camelia shampoo & conditioner.

So today i have a new review for you. Normally i have the same shampoo for months. One of Yves Rocher that if you read my blog for longer time will know which one it is. At my last hairdresser appointment she mentioned that my hair was getting dryer. So since i did not use a conditioner at the time. So when my bottle of shampoo was done, i treated myself on a new combo of shampoo and conditioner.

”The products from the Botanicals Fresh Care line are made with experienced growers, chemists and botanists, who together process the best botanical extracts in the world in the products. According to the studio, sustainability, cooperation and care for the environment in which the plants grow are at the forefront. Also great for the environment: the products are packaged in recycled material”. That sounds good!

But … Is it all so good, green and vegan as L’Oréal wants to make it look like? It is and remains a line of L’Oréal, which made me doubt. The brand is still not free of animal testing, since they also sell their products in China and the ingredients used in them must therefore be tested on animals. That sounds rather contradictory – sustainability and help to improve nature, but at the same time let your ingredients be tested on animals.

Because I am a blogger who reviews products, I still wanted to review the Botanical line. I wanted to test them so that I could do my work as a blogger: give my honest opinion about beauty products. Not everyone has shares my ideas. Now after using it for a couple of weeks. I can say it is a pretty good combo. Scent is very eastern incense warm with a hint of camelia. The coconut is in is for me is not distracting. And everyone that follows me for a while know i’m not a coconut fan. My hair is very soft after use. I always apply the conditioner on dry hair before the shampoo. This works for my hair the best. This is also a handy tip if you have very thin hair.

The packaging of the shampoo is from 100% recycled plastic. Unfortunately the conditioner is not. This is something that to me is strange. Why one is and the other is not? But at least it is a start. The shampoo does have a handy pomp to use. The plant based ingredients are camelia, coconut and soy beans. This is a very nourishing combo. And the left out of colorants, paraben and silicone makes it far more helpful for frizzy hair. The more you nourish your hair, how more smooth it becomes.

For the price’s that are in the €9.99 range it is a bit cheap for what they claim.

Now i a not completely blown away by the duo. So will need to go to the store for something else to try. But a big reason is that L’Oreal is not a brand i can’t completely stand behind. They make good drugstore overall don’t get me wrong. But for so wealthy and big company with a lot of brands falling under there flag. All the research they can do. And change in this world.

They rarely make a cult product that WOW’s me. It is so that every product gets a different response with everyone. So this can work for you. But not for me. L’Oréal has hired the best marketers and copywriters to make their products sound as beautiful as possible but unfortunately, there is little to nothing vegan and sustainable to this new line. So if you care about real green brands and against the testing of animals. L’Oreal is not the brand for you. Now you now this we can all laugh about there promotion video.

I did purchase the products myself. I always give my honest opinion about it., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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