Review: Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask of The Body Shop


For the last few weeks i used the Himalayan Charcoal purifying glow mask of The Body Shop. And had a lot of fun with it! I’m using it now on my face while writing this. The Great things about this mask is that it is vegan. And The Body shop doesn’t test on animals. Yay!  It looks like mud inside the little jar.


While you applying on the skin it feels fresh and colder than my skin temperature. And there are little leaves inside. When it is al dried you will need to make it wet again to remove it of the face. I love to do this under the shower because that is less messy. Breaking the mask in the picture below! And i know you do that too with clay masks ;P

The skin feels extra soft when you remove the mask with rotating fingers. The leaves wil softly scrub your skin. Around the leaves will not dry completely. I would recommend this only once in two weeks because the scrubbing of the skin. You can use a nourishing mask after it. The mask cost €20.00 so not really expensive compered the times you can use it. You can use it a lot.


Below here you can check out the ingredients:


I think it is a very good idea that the Body shop uses FSC wood partially in the packaging. The menthol is this mask will be the ingredient that gives the cool feeling when applying. But can irritate the sensitive skin as well the geranium. So keep that in mind. This is in my opinion a fun and good clay mask. I will use it certainly up. And will repurchase it in the future.


See you next time.

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