Review: Elixir Jeunesse from Yves Rocher.

In October there was a new line if skincare launched at Yves Rocher. I picked up 3 products to try. And eventually review here on my blog. So i got the micellar water, night creme and the eye creme. I always try new products for about a month to see the results and give a thoroughly opinion.

The hole line is green with silver which is a good combo if you ask me. And the light to dark fading of the creme pot is so beautiful. I’ts based on apholia extract. The line is anti-pollution and detoxing. Apholia can restore his own bark. To protect against influence from there surroundings. This is also what the line does for the skin. It laid a protecting layer over the skin. So the skin is protected and can restore itself. The line is global anti-age. This means it will work on multiple aging signs like wrinkles, firmness loss (collagen) and sagging skin (elastin)


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0% mineral oil, does not contain silicone, dyes and parabens.
93% natural ingredients.
The PET vial consists of 25% of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET)
Pot of recyclable glass, cardboard from sustainable managed forests.
Formula tested under dermatological and ophthalmic supervision.



Micellar gel €11.90

I picked up first the micellar gel. The texture is jelly like. This makes it a bit harder to use. If you want to get enough cleaning for the face, you need two cotton pads full. The scent is very nice. The detox claim is a bit weird. On the site it says ”This gel immediately removes the skin from harmful substances and makes it smoother and radiant” In my opinion removes every skin cleaning harmful substances. So for that idea i should not buy it. Cleaning the skin does it good. But would only advise if there is minimal make up is your daily routine. 

Eye gel €26.90

I love the eye gel applicator. The three small balls massage the skin very softly but effective. You only need a drop of product to nourish both eyes. Always apply under the eye and under the eyebrow. Thru blinking it comes everywhere. Now because the gel texture it sinks in the skin very fast. 

Night creme €37.90

The night creme is very gel and light. And the texture ia also bouncy. Usually you see this more with day creme’s. This is to me a good development. Now This one sinks in the skin also fast like the eye gel. This also makes it suitable for every skin type. This way the line stays small. And clear to buy as well. My skin feels softer and more even. 


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