Review: Elixer Juenesse UV Beauty Shield

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So today I will review a new addition to the Elixer Jeunesse family, a UV beauty shield. I reviewed the night creme, eye creme and micellar water before. So read that before continuing this post. Most of the time I advise a separate UV screen above your day creme for optimal protection. And never advise a day creme with an SPF added in. But sometimes there are exceptions!

Now a day you will see so much adds to get city proof skincare. It is the latest trend. That and detoxing the skin. And most brands scream it out to get your attention and money. But Yves Rocher introduced this product barely. Just one day it sat on the shelf waiting to be bought. The latest addition to the Elixer Jeunesse family works to protect against UVA and UVB radiation. With a factor of 30, it’s quite unique. Most of the competition has SPF 20 a 25 at most.

The following statement from Yves Rocher on the product:

” Thanks to the UV Beauty Shield *, the skin is immediately protected, strengthened and repaired and is stripped of harmful substances. Moreover, it looks more radiant.
Enriched with ultra-concentrated Aphloia extract that is naturally absorbed through the skin and obtained by a 100% natural extraction process.
+ point: the light, liquid formula is the ideal make-up base.                                                                                                                          Proven effectiveness:
95% of women believe that their skin is directly protected against pollution and UV radiation and that the wrinkles are reduced ”

Best way to use it is to shake before use. This way the product inside is the best consistency.

The best strategy to combat the harmful effects of pollution? Protect your skin daily. Researchers for Vegetable Cosmetics® from Yves Rocher have developed a new care line that, as a protective shield, keeps the particulate matter particles and allows the skin to breathe freely, so that it can restore itself.

During their nature observation, the researchers discovered a plant in Madagascar, the Aphloia. It has exceptional restorative and protective properties. The plant can completely renew its bark and protect itself against attacks from the outside thanks to a natural molecule that is concentrated in the leaves. The researchers at Yves Rocher, experts in Vegetable Cosmetics®, have been able to extract this active molecule and concentrate it in a natural solution so that your skin can absorb them well.

The UV shield works against pollution and UV radiation (It’s in the name ;P) And protects you from getting dark spots on your face. Like the rest of the line is it mineral oil, silicon, colorants, and paraben free. In my opinion its a good addition to a skincare routine for all girl bosses in the world, especially if your life in a city environment. For a price of €37,90, it is on the medium expensive side.

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