Review: Drops of youth, Bouncy sleeping mask of The body shop

Hello Gorgeous Reader,

Today i have a review of the sleep mask of the body shop. It’s a line of products that is already out for a while. The concept sounds for me great. We are always do ten things in a day. And the Netherlands is really becoming a 24 hours society. The hole world actually. So doing some me time for your skin while sleeping. Saves a lot of time during the day. So, The body shop has a hole line that is called Drops of Youth. I only have the mask so i will always talk over that.




Inside is edelweiss stem cells that revitalizes and smooths the skin. It is made as a starter anti age for every skin type. The texture is gel like and when it is wet on the skin a little bit sticky. Personally i always clean my skin right away when i come home for work. So for me is the stickiness already gone when i go to bed. When i used it the biggest change in my skin is that is really hydrated. On the anti aging side i didn’t noticed yet. It smells very plantlike, i imagine that it is the scent of edelweiss. But i am not sure. I can get used to it because it is not overdone. Its a big size jar of 90 ml/3.1 oz. So you can use it for a couple of months, if used once a week. It is €28,00 per jar. Personally i will purchase is again when i run out of all my masks. Under here is a promotion video from The Body Shop. Loved that the use there own staff in it.

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