Review: checks and balances of Origins.


Yes, another review for you. This time a brand i never reviewed before. Origins is a American brand. That first launched in 1990 with a mask based of charcoal. The logo exist out of two trees stand for yin and yang. And suits there slogan: Powered by Nature. Proven by Science.

Origins checks and balances frothy face wash is suitable for every skin type. They made it with broad leaf klep extract and Tourmaline. When Tourmaline crystals warm, As they do when rubbed onto the skin, They become positively charged at one end and negatively charged on the other. These energizing crystals are said to be effective at detoxifying and brightening skin. while helping at the same time improve its vitality. Broad leaf kelp extract aka laminaria saccharina, packed full of vitamins and minerals. Keeps the skin balanced.

Here you can see how i remove lipstick swatches off my arm. Above it is even without water added. As you can see, it is pretty good on his own. Naturally you need to add water too further activate the cleaning proces. The scent that it gives consist out off lavender, spearmint and bergamot, refreshes the skin. And soothes the mind. It’s both good to use it in the morning and evening. Personally i like it that it leaves my skin not irritated at all. But clean and soft. It did not give me a tight skin, that i need to moisturize immediately.

The amount you use is very little. One centimeter is enough for the face and neck area. This means it will last for months. For a price of €19.90 that is a good thing. I will certainly advise you too try this for yourself.

See you next time.

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