Review: Advanced Night Repair of Estee Lauder


Your skin gets every day damage from the sun and pollution in the surroundings. The hydration of the skin from many people is too low. Thankfully has the skin many protection mechanisms. Like the sebum production that act as a protective shield for the skin. The stratum corneum (the part everybody sees) is pretty though and goes against dehydration. But any help that the skin can get protecting against pollution, stress and free radicals.

So what I used before is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  dsc00629

Facts from Estee Lauder:

Advanced Night Repair arrested all the major visible signs of aging with an innovative recovery technology for an even more complete and precise recovery overnight. Lines and wrinkles appear significantly reduced. Over 75% of women felt that the skin looked younger after just 4 weeks. Skin feels smoother, moisturized and stronger. 82% of the women found that the skin was hydrated immediately. The skin looks younger, radiant, transparent and smoother out. 83% of women felt that the skin look healthier, fresher and more rested looked after only 4 weeks. Effective for each ethnic group. Experience the power that turns your skin every night.

RECOVERY NIGHT Strengthen the ability of the skin to repair itself at night like never before thanks to our exclusive ChronoluxCB ™ Technology, a great innovation. This technology promotes the natural synchronization of the nightly repair process of the skin so that it can recover its prestige at exactly the right time. And now she also promotes the natural purification at night which is important for younger skin.

DAILY PREVENTION Neutralizes up to 90% of the free radicals that are released by the surroundings, before they can damage the appearance of the skin. Helps the visible from the past damage that is caused by constantly reducing all the important environmental influences. dsc00627

INTENSE HYDRATION Hyaluronic acid retains the hydration so that the optimum conditions are created that requires the skin to be able to perform as well as possible its natural recovery processes. Every night. Every day. Every major sign of aging. More than 25 patents around the world **

HOW TO USE? Apply to cleansed skin before your moisturizer. Use a few drops. Spread gently over the face and neck.

EVENING RITUAL Follow this evening ritual for a younger and healthier skin: Apply a drop on one hand on each fingertip. Let the fingers of both hands touching. Massage the serum over the face and neck from the center outwards.

FACTS ABOUT FORMULA Tested by dermatologists Tested by ophthalmologists without perfume Non-acne no * In vitro test. ** Patents and patents pending

Sound good right! After using it for 3 weeks twice a day. The 30 ml bottle is 2/3 empty. I intergraded in my skincare routine before my oil that is use as crème. The oil is official not used for it but my skin likes it that way.  The skin feels good and seems less stressed out. Less impurities are coming up. The scent is very medicinal smelling but not that strong. The price is €80,00 for 30 ml. A huge amount of money if you ask me. And i paid with giftcards i still had. The biggest size is 75 ml for €136,00. The price is making me thinking not to buy it again. I will keep this one in mind because my skin feels great when using it. But only if i run out on the other serums i have i will maybe buy it again.

See you next time.


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