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Project pan: September 2016


Here is another project pan for you guys! Let’s dive in.


This shampoo is still my favorite. So will keep using it. Cost €5,90 per bottle.


This showergel is biological what I love about it. Based on pomegranate smells very fruity. Perfect fot summer.         Cost €8,99 per bottle. Still have a lot off showergels in stock. So when I will run out i will consider this one.


There is the apricot body scrub again! And still love it. May purchase the original size when I am all out of scrubs.


Yes, Yet again a mask completely empty. This one based on jojoba oil and shea butter  is my favorite at the moment. Cost €11,90 and this is the old packaging.


This mascara is for me not suitable for my lashes. My lashes are long and don’t have much curl naturally. But that doesn’t mean the mascara will not work for you. Cost €17,90.

Had some problems with the pictures as you can see. Not so focused as normal. And some weird stripes. Any tips for fixing this will help.

See you next time., pub-4691612639561409, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

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